Infection Control Precautions

"I was really impressed with the extra steps she is taking due to the current pandemic and am so glad she is back working and I am able to enjoy massages again!"  - Alia


To minimize risk of virus transmission, I've implemented numerous precautions advised by the CDC and Virginia Department of Health, as well as recommendations from the American Massage Therapy Association. Both of us will wear face coverings during massage and pay strict attention to hand-hygiene. During the pandemic face massage won't be offered, and I'll emphasize face-down and side-lying positions during treatment. Plus, I have a wonderful new freestanding HEPA/UV light air filtration system that I will run continuously in the treatment room during all sessions!


Here is the checklist that I follow before, during and after each massage session (listed in reverse order):

During session:

    • Continuously run UVC/HEPA filter fan

    • Leave window open but covered, if conditions permit

    • I frequently use hand sanitizer

    • Faces remain covered at all times

    • No face-up head/neck/face; instead use sidelying position or face-down with draped face cradle

    • Minimize talking

    • Gloves used, if preferred by client

    • Apply sanitizer to client for hand massage

Upon arrival:

    • Client parks & calls me, complete intake questions by phone

    • Accept payment by phone

    • We both don masks, I meet them at door

    • They visit bathroom: wash hands, when ready they open door and we take temp

    • I close windows, UVC/HEPA filter fan to low, uncover table, light to low

    • Client enters tx room & disrobes, while I wash up in kitchen, client water, heat neck roles

Just before:

    • Shower/dress/rings off

    • Brush teeth/file nails

    • Check boxes & confine pets

-1 hour before:

    • House mask/gloves on

    • Close curtains, HEPA filtration fan on high

    • Spray surfaces with EPA approved disinfectant (sit 5 min): side tables, chair, containers

    • Dress table (linens, blanket, face cradle flannel/disp barrier/pillowcase, pillows, b bolster) & cover with moisture barrier

    • Music

    • Table pad heat on

    • Hot towel

    • Diffuse protective essential oils, candles on

    • Cliff bar (sanitize wrapper)

    • Fill clean bowl with fresh massage cream

    • Adjust HVAC

In Advance


    • Schedule appointment

    • Email COVID protocol and waiver

    • Pull client file and review

    • Clean kitchen

    • Bathroom: house mask/gloves on, spray disinfectant, plastic barriers, remove towel, TP

    • Open windows

    • UVC/HEPA filtration fan on high

    • HEPA vacuum

    • Clean Mirror

    • Sweep stoop


After Massage

    • Close curtains

    • Turn fan on high

    • Open window

    • Remove face shield & KN95 - sanitize, put on house mask, wash up

    • Chart client session

    • Gloves, wipe down bathroom

    • Strip table and put all laundry straight into washer

    • Sanitize surfaces & containers

    • Wash massage cream bowl

    • Remove gloves & house mask