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Soothe-Me relaxation massage

This massage is a soothing rhythmic style of bodywork with the focus on recuperative relaxation. As you lie on a warm linen-draped table in soft lighting with flowing music, I'll utilize hypo-allergenic lotion with a variety of strokes to help relieve your pain and achiness, decrease stress levels, enhance mental clarity and elevate your mood. Optional: Your choice of a select essential oil may be added to the lotion, at no additional charge.

Move-Free orthopedic massage

This active massage targets specific tissue layers to release areas of chronic stress due to misalignment, repetitive motion, and lingering old injuries. Treatment takes place in functional lighting on a warmed table with a cover. During the session, I will ask you to participate in your treatment by performing movements to facilitate healing and will need feedback from you. Due to the active nature of orthopedic massage, I recommend that you wear a sports bra and compression shorts (or modest underware) during the session. Mild soreness and bruising may result from this treatment.

Body-Dynamic therapeutic massage

My signature massage combines the best of both: soothing relaxation PLUS techniques to target deep tension and chronic pain and mobility issues. This highly-effective blend of both soothing and therapeutic styles facilitates relief and promotes restorative sleep. This treatment will be customized to your individual needs, which may include having you lay on your side while propped with pillows to facilitate hip and shoulder work, and optional essential oils.

Game-On pre-event sports massage

A short invigorating massage on a heated table designed to settle the mind and reconnect with the body, 3-24 hours prior to your race or event - whether swimming, running, cycling, or other! I utilize a variety of strokes, ROM movement, and deep breathing to calm the mind, facilitate circulation, and help prepare muscles for exertion. If you are from out of town, please text me at (540) 384-1820 to book your appointment, as I may be able to accommodate short notice. Located less than 1 mile from the Christiansburg Aquatic Center