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SPECIAL NOTE Regarding COVID-19: After careful consideration, I've reopened for massage! I truly care about your safety and have incorporated as many infection control measure as I can - most importantly, I now treat just one client per day.

Additionally, I wear a mask not only during each session but as I prepare, I clean all hard surfaces with EPA COVID certified disinfectant, and a new UVC/HEPA sanitizing filtration fan circulates air during each session. Click here to view my infection control protocols.

Embody Your Life!  

Although massage feels luxurious, it can be an integral part of self-care. Through the use of massage, stretching, posture and breathing, I'll guide you to discover inner calm and to move your body in a way that supports your active life. Massage has been shown to soothe chronic pain, ease anxiety & depression, promote sleep, increase range of motion, and facilitate healing. I'll help you to get moving and stay moving!

Please note, I welcome women of all religions, ethnicities, orientations, and body types. The focus of my practice is on the care of women and I'm not accepting male clients at this time.

As an allied healthcare professional, your safety and confidentiality is of utmost importance to me. Tips are declined. [FAQS] 


To keep costs low and facilitate your ongoing care with me, I practice from an office in my home in Christiansburg. (Unfortunately, due to to the pandemic I no longer practice from Dr. Campbell's offices at New River Woman's Health.) Please be advised that there are ten steps leading into my home treatment area, and I share my home with pets that will be confined during your visit. To view rates and availability, please click the button below:

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Please text me if you need treatment within the next 24 hours or if you don't see an appointment time that works with your schedule. I may have additional options available.

Your partner in care,

Clare Ellen Mann, LMT

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