Clare Ellen Mann
Licensed Massage Therapist, VA Board of Nursing

My Story

Your pain is real.  Whether it be emotional or physical pain, you deserve support.

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I’ve been there too. Following mid-life upheaval, my lower back was a mess. Chronic spasms left me barely able to sit at my computer, much less walk comfortably around the block.

A combination of physical therapy, chiropractic, and soothing massage finally calmed my back enough to allow me to start swimming. A few months later, my mobility had improved so much that I was able to complete my first sprint triathlon. To this day, I continue to use this combination of therapies to keep me moving - with massage as the therapy I most look forward to.

This experience of healing changed my life in such profound ways that I was inspired to leave my office job to study massage therapy full-time. Let me share this relief with you!

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My Background:

I came to the New River Valley from Herndon, Virginia, to study Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. I spent three years at VT, and after the birth of my son, finished my bachelors degree at Radford University. 

I earned my CSC in Massage Therapy from Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Buena Vista, Va. My program totaled over 600 hours; with 100+ hours of hands-on experience (much of it on athletes at Virginia Military Academy) and 30 hours at Augusta Health general hospital in Fishersville, Va.

Additionally, I am certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP) and in Reiki, Level II. I'm currently studying Lymphatic Drainage.

My hobbies include adventuring with my new husband, training for my next local sprint triathlon, teaching adults to swim, horseback riding and walking my little dog.

My uncle and son are also Licensed Massage Therapists.

Photo of Clare Ellen Mann at Charlottesville VA triathlon