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Licensed Massage Therapist, VA Board of Nursing

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My Location

My home office is located in Lester Place, Christiansburg. The townhouse is tall and yellow with a green door. There is a dedicated parking space for your car right in front of my house with ten stair-steps leading up to my front door. I do have pets, however they will be located away from the treatment area during your session. 

When You Arrive

Please plan to arrive just before your appointment start time, and allow at least 15 minutes after the end time of your session for closing & dressing.

Upon your arrival, please remain in your car while we talk by phone to answer several health-related questions. Afterward, we will both put on our masks and I will greet you at the front door. Once inside, I will guide you to the restroom where you will take your temperature and wash up. Then we'll proceed across the hall to the treatment room. 

After explaining what will happen during the session, I will leave you in privacy. Once the curtain is drawn, please undress to your level of comfort (however wearing snug underwear is preferred for orthopedic techniques) and then slide onto the heated massage table under the linens. Once on the table, begin to relax by drawing your attention to your breath.

During the Massage Session

I will knock and ask to enter. We will begin our session with a few deep breaths. I will usually begin with long, gentle massage strokes, and as you become more relaxed I may work specific areas of tension with deeper pressure. Periodically, I’ll check that you are comfortable and may gently move you or make requests throughout the session.


I want to pamper you during your massage. Open communication is key! Please help me by letting me know if you'd like me to adjust my pressure, the table temperature, music, lighting, or if there is anything else I can do to optimize your experience.

Some people enjoy conversation during their massage, while others prefer to just relax and focus on breathing. Most people experience greater relaxation, and therefore increased benefits from their massage, when talking is kept to a minimum. I'll let you decide what works best for you.

After Your Massage

As your session concludes, I will leave the treatment room and give you a few minutes to re-awaken and center yourself before you dress.  When you are ready, please open the treatment room curtain. We will discuss how your session went, and I’ll make notes for next time. 

Due to individual differences, the effects of massage & bodywork vary from person to person. Most people feel very mellow following a relaxation massage, but more energized after an orthopedic treatment. How you feel will vary depending upon your physical and emotional state, the types of massage therapy you received, the length of your session, and how often you receive massage.

If possible, take a little quiet time after your massage - a nap or gentle walk is best. This allows the body and mind to settle into the changes initiated by treatment - optimizing time you have invested to care for yourself. I recommend drinking plenty of water and avoiding strenuous exercise for the rest of the day.

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